Imagine the wonder and excitement of a passing storm. The thunderous sounds and the flashes of lightning create the perfect invitation to cuddle with your family. Children often question the origins of thunder and lightning with limited explanations, mostly ending with fear and dread.

According to, it’s not unusual for children to be afraid of thunder. When there is a thunderstorm and your child gets terrified, simply hug her and calm her down. But don’t just stop there. Helping her overcome her fear requires creativity and patience.

Pursuing many tips found on various psychological books and overcoming phobia websites can certainly help but another way of easing a child’s fright of thunder and lightning can also come in handy — in the form of a picture book!

With vibrant color and stunning illustration, this picture book ignites the imaginations of children, giving life to Thunder and Lightning in physical form, as these two characters banter back and forth in a lyrical style that captivates the reader’s appreciation for two of nature’s most powerful forces.

Author Mary E. Evans (aka Maryee) presents an engaging tale of a fictional fight between two great opponents in the sky and invites children to witness their entertaining encounter as the outcome unfolds – all the while, familiarizing the little ones with the whimsical antics of Thunder and Lightning!

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